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Wanda Hauck Christmas Decorations, Ltd. was founded in 1942 by German immigrants Frederico and Wanda Hauck. The company worked for decades to create articles instilled with the Christmas spirit, a craft which is closely related to creating dreams.

The worldwide economic scene generated many challenges for the factory, yet the changes also created considerable global opportunities in terms of the creative economy.

The new generation decided, therefore, to transform the family business, dedicating the space and tools to creating a center for art and culture in a way that would maintain the factory’s main product: dreams.


We are a group of companies located in southern Brazil, in the city of Porto Alegre. Together, these companies comprise a creative hub that was formed to continue the legacy of the Christmas decoration factory that used to occupy the warehouse building. What once was 3,000m2 of factory space (32,000ft2) now houses not only Audio Porto Group, but also other partners, start-ups and projects, in an ecosystem focused on art, technology and education.

Audio Porto has two main branches: a state-of-the-art sound recording, mixing and mastering studio; and a content publishing and management company that aims to promote domestic artists in the worldwide market and vice-versa. The structure and equipment at the studio cater to an international quality standard, boasting resources that are unusual even in large audio production centers. Its wide open spaces – up to 900 square meters – are capable of hosting large ensembles and extensive audiovisual productions.

The studio’s main distinguishing factor, and its biggest goal, is offering a specialized atmosphere. The creative process depends on human energy and on inspired artists. In this sense, a good recording may require spending the whole day relaxing in our countryside headquarters, located far outside the city.


Using a solid network of contacts, tools and partnerships, the editorial branch of Audio Porto is constantly seeking solutions for optimizing distribution of musical work. The company endeavors to align artists and compositors with national and international market tools.  


The integration of partners into the hub’s ecosystem serves to bolster a center of art, education and technology. By promoting mutually beneficial activities for participants, the hub fosters cooperative business ventures.